Jolly Green Santa

Welcome to the world of the Jolly Green Santa!

After the demise of Yahoo photos, I needed a new place to share the images of my adventures. Thus, the creation of this fine site. Created with you in mind, I wanted to enable the many great people I've met in my various adventures to see their photos.


November 25, 2007: New galleries have been added! These galleries feature our adventures at the Silverleaf faire from 2006 as well as the Ohio Ren Faire of 2006 and 2007.

June 20, 2007: launches in preparation for another fun summer festival season. Be on the lookout for Santa at Silverleaf Renaissance Faire and the Michigan Renaissance Festival this summer as well as possibly the Ohio Renaissance Festival.

Share your stories and photos:

Soon, you too will be able to share any of your stories and photos of your meetings with the Jolly Green Santa. Stay tuned for developments in this area.